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The Sad Thing About Aids

People who have AIDS are attacked by a human immunodeficiency virus Which is referred to as HIV. When HIV enters into a person’s body it will launch a direct attack against your immune system. Slowly but surely it will gradually weaken all of your natural against infection and disease.

This can affect every part of your body and often results in death. HIV does a thorough search for CD4 cells and when it finds them it destroys them. There is still a lot of research that is being done find a cure for this very terrible disease.

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Where Can I Go For Help?

I do not want to go see my usual doctor because I am feeling a little bit embarrassed. I feel like I have nowhere to turn for help. I am thinking that a HIV & AIDS health center might be my best bet.

I am hoping that the center will be able to test me for other diseases. I want to make sure that I have not contracted anything since I have had so many different partners. When my friend got diagnosed last week it was like my eyes were opened to how I had been living my own life.

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HIV Epidemic

HIV, or human immuno-deficiency type virus, is a cruel disease that attacks the body’s immune system. HIV does not know any boundaries such as age, race, or gender. People from all walks of life and from all parts of the world have been affected by this horrible disease.

It is sad to say that this disease can also be passed on to a baby through pregnancy. The scientific world does not have a cure for this deadly disease. There are however things that you can do individually to prevent disease from spreading to you. Living a moral and healthy life are two of the keys.

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Children With HIV

It is a sad Commentary on human society to know that in the entire world there is an estimated total of over 3 million children who were under the age of 15 living with AIDS. AIDS is cause from a human immunodeficiency virus That attacks the immune system.

This terrible disease will destroy the cells of the immune system in a very slow manner. As the cells become destroyed the body is left with less immune cells to fight other infections or diseases. The majority of children who have Aids have received it from their mother during pregnancy.

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Aids And HIV

Many people are confused about the medical terms AIDS and HIV. HIV is an immunodeficiency virus that attacks the immune system. A virus is something that can only reproduce itself by means of taking over a cell from its host.

Aids stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome which means that you will acquire the disease after birth. This disease, as mentioned above, attacks your immune system which becomes deficient because it does not work the way that it should. The syndrome stands for the collection of the symptoms that aids produces. Aids is a collection of symptoms and not a disease.

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How Prevalent Is HIV/AIDS Today?

I have always been interested in medicine and epidemiology. One of the main topics I have followed over the past few years is the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in various communities.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find very current information that I can read. I am not sure what this means as far as the diseases themselves. The one place I usually find my information is the CDC.

I have always thought that the CDC is a great source of information. I like the fact that they will keep up with and monitor many different diseases and conditions. Since I have taken this interest, I have also expanded the areas that I want to follow.

What once started as a small information gathering session at the library has morphed into this larger than life project. I want to know what is happening all across the world, not just in my own backyard.

I am hoping to eventually write my thesis on HIV/AIDS and then move onto a career in public health. I think that I would be able to help the most people this way, especially since I am willing to travel to disease stricken areas.

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Symptoms of HIV/Aids: What to Look Out For

HIV is a disease that destroys the immune system. There are a number of signs and symptoms that you should look out for, especially if you think you may have contracted this disease from an infected individual. Some of the symptoms include chronic fever, diarrhea and unexplained weight loss. You may feel like you have the flu at one point or another.

It is impossible to diagnose yourself with HIV/AIDS. If you are experiencing symptoms like this that continue on for several days, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your physician. During the appointment, the physician will check your lymph nodes. They often become swollen when a person suffers from this disease.

Blood tests may be ordered to determine whether or not you have HIV. The physician will send the blood sample to the lab where it will be searched for any antibodies that may exist. If those antibodies are present, you will be told by your physician that you do have HIV.

If you receive a diagnosis, you may feel scared and depressed. While this is a serious disease, it is important to know that there are more medications available now to help control HIV for a longer period of time.

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How Do People Become Infected With HIV?

HIV is widely known for being a life-altering sexually transmitted diseases (STD). If you are worried about being infected with HIV, it is best to know the basics about it. In addition to knowing basic prevention methods, you will want to learn how people become infected with HIV. This is important because it allows you to understand what the risks are and how you can be as careful as possible.

HIV is transferred through certain body fluids from an HIV infected individual. When these certain fluids come into contact with an uninfected person, they can be become infected. The fluid must come into contact with either a mucous membrane, damaged tissue or directly with the bloodstream.

While HIV is most commonly transmitted during sexual intercourse and activities, it can be transferred in other ways. Sharing needles during drug use poses a high risk for HIV. Mothers can also pass on HIV to their children while giving birth or breastfeeding, or even during pregnancy.

Getting tested regularly and using preventative measures is the best way to avoid getting this disease. Staying educated on it will also help you decrease your risk of coming into contact with it.